Tuesday, August 19, 2014

dplyr: A gamechanger for data manipulation in R

I demonstrate how to use dplyr for data manipulation in R (R code and data on GitHub ). I had heard of the package before and finally gave it a try after attending Hadley Wickham's presentation at useR! in LA a couple of months ago. dplyr will change your life as it relates to data manipulation!

GBMs are awesome: Part I

GBMs have become my favorite type of model over the last two years. In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to use a GBM for binary classification in R (predicting whether an event occurs or not). I also discuss basic model tuning and model inference with GBMs. Stay tuned for a second part focused on tuning parameters, variable selection, and cross validation with GBM!

Using a GBM for Classification in R from Wallace Campbell on Vimeo.